ARIS Editions

Essential features
Room to grow
Maximum value and potential
Pricing starts with 100€ per user per month 200€ per user per month + base fee Contact us
Highlights Perfect for starting process design Next stage in productivity Your enterprise-wide cloud
Highlights Easy to use Most powerful design & reporting options First hand on top-notch innovations
Highlights Fast results Custom methods & filter Pick & choose the capabilities you need
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Core Elements Advanced Enterpsise
User numbers 1–20 up to 200 up to 100,000
Number of databases 1 up to 20 unlimited*
Cloud type shared environment shared environment private environment
Data storage location US, Ireland, Germany, Australia US, Ireland, Germany, Australia Contact us
Modeling Elements Advanced Enterpsise

Process landscape, BPMN process, Event-driven process chain (EPC), Organizational chart, System diagram, Data model, Structuring model

> 100 > 100
Define own conventions
Central repository
Multi-language support some
Simple & smart modeling
Professional process design
Customer journey mapping
Enterprise architecture design simple expert expert
Decision modeling & notation
Data modeling simple expert expert
Governance Elements Advanced Enterpsise
Standard release cycle management
Option for custom release cycle management
Viewing & collaboration Elements Advanced Enterpsise
Diagram view
Fact sheet view
RACI view
Steps view
Role-based access
UI configuration: self-service
UI configuration: expert changes
Social collaboration
Analysis Elements Advanced Enterpsise
Standard reports
Reporting customization
Document storage Elements Advanced Enterpsise
Option for document workflows
SharePoint connectivity
Support Elements Advanced Enterpsise
Ticket** Basic Support Standard Support Enterprise Active Support
Self-service backup
Daily backup
Backup recovery request
Connectivity Elements Advanced Enterpsise
SAP synchronization
ARIS Express Import
BPMN import
LDAP connectivity & SSO
Admin Elements Advanced Enterpsise
Content merge
Editions Elements Advanced Enterpsise
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* Actual capacity depends on resource availability and deployment size. For details, please check the documentation and get in touch with a Software AG representative.
** Trial customers can create a support request in the support forum.