ARIS Enterprise

For those who want to establish a full-scale process excellence program using the complete ARIS capability stack – you want ARIS Enterprise. Gain maximum potential from your business processes.

Maximum potential from your business processes with ARIS Enterprise
Role-based access in your transformation journey with ARIS Enterprise

Scale and grow as needed

ARIS Enterprise scales and grows with you – regardless of your company size now or in the future. With features like role-based access, social collaboration streams or focused management dashboards, ARIS Enterprise lets everyone in your organization take part of your transformation journey – from strategy to execution.

Adapt and Individualize your processes with ARIS Enterprise

Adapt and individualize

Have special requirements? Want to set up a corporate design? Need to integrate with third-party systems? Then think of advancing to new use-cases like Process Mining, Risk & Compliance or Enterprise Architecture Management. Check out our ARIS Enterprise offering.

Dashboarding your processes with ARIS Basic

Analyze, visualize, decide!

From gaining new insights to making powerful decisions, ARIS Enterprise helps you explore how to fully analyze your repository with our query feature and share your analysis on KPIs with our dashboarding.

ARIS Process Governance with ARIS Enterprise

Govern your processes from end to end

World-class processes need world-class management. Establish enterprise-wide BPM policies and automate your governance workflows. This is ideal for managing processes that are applicable to many people – like a complex approval process.


Risk status at a glance

Risk & Compliance

Risk & Compliance adds capabilities for integration of regulatory demands and operational risks into a single approach and Internal Control System (ICS).​

ARIS Risk & Compliance Management ensure sustainable compliance and mitigation of risk while improving operational performance.

Confirmation Management

Rollout Add-ons

Rollout Add-ons​ to set up and manage confirmation workflows.​

ARIS supports rollout & change management with a workflow for users to confirm that new information is read and understood.

ARIS 4 SAP ARIS for SAP Extension

SAP® Solution

SAP® Solution adds capabilities to support holistic implementation & rollout of SAP projects, testing, communication, training & go-live support. ​

ARIS for SAP® Solutions integrates with SAP Solution Manager, helps you with blueprinting for S/4HANA, and preparing training with SAP Enable Now.

ARIS Simulation for business process improvement with ARIS Enterprise


Simulation adds capabilities to test what-if scenarios and get information about bottlenecks & improvement potentials.​

Process Mining & Analysis helps you to gain new insights and understand your business like never before. Simulate and analyze your business processes for improvement before you make costly changes.


Robotic Process Automation​

Robotic Process Automation​ (RPA) adds a “workforce” of software robots to automate repetitive manual tasks and processes, fully integrated into your process landscape, and working in an unattended mode.​

Robotic Process Automation with ARIS enables you to build bots into your processes and deploy them within just a few days.​

SharePoint Integration​

SharePoint Integration​ supports users to work with SharePoint and ARIS in an integrated manner.​

Store and manage content in a single source of truth to support your rollout & change management processes.

3rd Party Integration​

3rd Party Integration​ allows integration with 3rd party applications based on an API.​

Business automation & connectivity helps to automate business processes and supports the communication between ARIS and 3rd party systems.

Premium Document Storage Extension with ARIS Enterprise

Premium Document Storage

Premium Document Storage allows ARIS Document Storage to be used for up to 1 million documents.​

Store and manage content in a single source of truth to support your rollout & change management processes.

Even the most flexible on-premises solution is no match for the evergreen nature of the cloud. Deploying ARIS Cloud means we benefit from having the best enterprise process management solution on the market with faster access to new capabilities as they are released. We are already seeing the benefits of this investment in our process architecture.

Phil Shackleton, Nationwide Head of Process Architecture