ARIS Basic

Start your improvement journey immediately with the next generation of business process design.

Easily start into the world of process design

Work with an intuitive user interface that comes with a clean and user-friendly landing page. You’ll get an easy entry to your business processes, direct access to your favorite models and a simple app switcher with the most important actions just one click away.

Simple model creation with a wide range of model types

Process improvement projects are diverse and have different requirements depending on the scope. In ARIS Basic, you’ll find all the important model types you need to get started. Key models included are: the Value Chain used to structure your landscape of processes (BPMN & EPC), the Organization Chart, the System Landscape and Data model used to cover all relevant business aspects, and the Structuring Model for everything else you might need.

Easiest process design EVER

Simple modeling features help you capture your process landscape. Document your processes, organization, IT systems and data, easily manage process details and maintain all your information in one single place. The intelligent designer is a helping hand that lets you focus on content instead of layout – build your model 50% faster than anything else on the market. The ARIS repository view can be filtered and organized to provide a live preview of models.

Process modeling for everyone

Capture your company information quickly and easily in a simple table-based modeling style. Just fill in the modeling spreadsheet as you would do it in Excel, and watch as the process becomes visual and easy to understand. Modeling was never easier than this!

Speedy publication of process models

In ARIS Basic, the status of your publication is always visible. Design your processes in the workspace and publish when you’re ready – use the preview mode to ensure the best presentation for your stakeholders, make edits then publish it in one click. Automatic checks guarantee the accuracy of your information and correctness of process models.

User types


A designer creates new content in ARIS but can also consume published content.


A viewer consumes published content.

Knut Harms from uses ARIS Elements

Education and teaching need a simple and accepted solution. In the field of BPM this is clearly called ARIS Basic for me.

Knut Harms

We buy and sell more than 80,000 cars each year – and every single one is different. To be successful requires us to adopt the same way of working across the business. This involves continuous process improvements, and adoption of best practices which have been designed and measured end to end. ARIS does exactly that. And it's helping us to transform our company into one shaped by process excellence.

Leoš Soukup Business Process Manager, AURES Holdings a.s.