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Continue your process excellence journey with the comprehensive features of ARIS Advanced. Take your teams’ productivity to the next level!

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Market-leading design capabilities

Extend the scope of your modeling activities. ARIS Advanced offers > 100 model types to map and analyze your organization. Describe how your business should be. From business models to detailed process maps or comprehensive application architectures, you can find plenty of options to help you design the model that best fits your needs. ARIS Advanced offers you the ability to create your own design conventions.

Social collaboration with ARIS Advanced

Social collaboration with your peers

Improving and transforming business processes is a highly collaborative task: Let your colleagues and customers join your process excellence activities. Use the comments and feedback function to gain insights from everyone and work to build a better business in the future.

CXM Report with ARIS Advanced

Analyze to maximize the value from your data

With ARIS Advanced, you get additional standard reports. If you are more experienced in process management, you can easily customize your reports to get the most out of your data: Create special views on your data or export the data from ARIS into your own tools. Run reports with your specific conventions based on a WYSIWYG editor or scripting. It’s all in your hands!

Content packages for ARIS

ARIS for Sustainability

Accelerate your sustainability journey and download the free ARIS for sustainability accelerator package to jump start on achieving your sustainability goals.

Turn your ESG (environmental, social and governance) theory into action with our ARIS for sustainability accelerator package. The package guides you through the process of integrating sustainability within your company’s operations by providing ready-made process models, ESG-relevant templates, reports and dashboards to ARIS users. For each perspective, there are different roles and responsibilities available.

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ISO 9001

Are you aiming for professional quality management – likely with the goal to get a ISO 9001 certification or re-certification?

Build your quality management system in record time and quality with our ARIS Content Package 9001:2015. It puts you on the fast track to certification with checklists, templates and best practices for your quality management system. You’ll save 2-3 months in ramp-up effort and get to certification faster.

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TM Forum, the global industry association for  communication service providers (CSPs) and their suppliers, are collaboratively developing the Open Digital Framework for CSPs.

The Business Process Framework, eTOM, is a comprehensive, industry-agreed, multi-layered view of the key business processes required to run an efficient, effective, agile and service-focused digital enterprise.

By using the eTOM Accelerator for ARIS, CSPs don’t need to start converting the eTOM documentation into their BPM environment but can directly use the ARIS database for eTOM – free of charge for all TM Forum members!

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ITSM for ITIL and ISO 20000

Do you want to build an ARIS repository that documents the IT Service Management (ITSM) and describes the processes with standardized governance? Don’t start this initiative from scratch – reuse existing best practices from the very beginning!

The ITSM for ITIL V4 & ISO 20000 ARIS Content Package provides a prefilled ARIS database for IT Service Management initiatives. The package includes 160 business processes which were prepared by experienced management consultants and domain experts and are aligned to the two standard frameworks of ITIL and ISO 20000. Existing ITSM documentations can be compared, aligned and updated with the included standard content.

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Facility Management

Do you need to cover functional areas but you don’t know how to document or what to capture? Speed-up your project and use our predefined ARIS content package for Facility Management – exclusively and free of charge for ARIS Advanced users, including three predefined ARIS databases:

  • Finance and Controlling
  • Human Resources
  • Facility Management

Save time and effort by relying on ready-to-use process content (like ARIS process models, objects and groups),  based on high quality standards.

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...and much more!

Looking for more out-of-the-box content packages and accelerators? Browse through the list of our add-ons and partner solutions to see what we and our ARIS partners can do for you!

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ARIS Advanced Starter Packages

ARIS Advanced Starter Package XS

Do you want to save money when using the comprehensive features of ARIS Advanced? Get started now and avail yourself of the pricing advantage of 15% for our preconfigured ARIS Advanced Starter Package XS compared to the regular shop price!

The package covers the base fee and consists of 1 Admin license, 2 Designer licenses and 2 viewer packs (with 10 viewers each, 20 viewers in total).

Our pricing packages are the perfect balance for BPM starters who want improve and transform their business processes, collect feedback from important stakeholders in the company and share the results within their organization.

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ARIS Advanced Starter Package S

You’re already settled for ARIS Advanced? Benefit from our packaged offering ARIS Advanced Starter Package S and avail yourself of the pricing advantage of 20% compared to the regular shop price!

The Starter Package S consists of the base fee plus 1 Admin license, 5 Designer licenses and 2 viewer packs (with 10 viewers each, 20 viewers in total).

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User types & Extensions


A designer creates new content in ARIS but can also consume and contribute to published content.

Viewer User Type


A viewer consumes published content.

Manage your cloud as admin user type in ARIS


Architect focuses on functional administration of ARIS as a single source of truth and as an Enterprise Management System. Architects work as Admins to set up and manage the process office, ensure successful implementations, manage user and license management, enforce standards and the quality of work in the ARIS database.

We chose ARIS because we required a cloud solution that combines ease-of-use with a powerful methodology toolbox. Our designers could be on-boarded within just a few days and, with more than 100 diagram types, it meant they could quickly cover all aspects of our business. The collaboration and contribution features involve all users and foster the interactive creation of business processes.

Johannes Wöhler CTO, Digital Education Holdings Ltd.