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Is your organization struggling with managing uncertainty and unclarity? Do you need to get deep insights into what’s most needed now? To empower the organization? To execute immediately?

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ARIS A4 Solution


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How to make business as unusual

4 steps to keep your business on track

  • Analyze
  • Act
  • Adapt back
  • Achieve resilience

ARIS A4 Solution

Analyze your business situation with ARIS A4 Solution


Analyze your business situation and its impacts. Assess and prioritize risks.

Act and define counter measures with ARIS A4 Solution


Define counter measures such as new processes, adapted resources or new assets and execute and communicate them to your internal and external stakeholders, just in the format and in the place they need it.

Adapt back with ARIS A4 Solution


Design recovery strategies up-front, execute and communicate them to everyone who needs the information, whether it’s an employee, a customer, management, or partners.

Achieve resilience with ARIS A4 Solution


Integrate the lessons learned from the crisis into your business for future-proof Business Continuity Management.

Challenging times call for extraordinary solutions!

Master your business with free ARIS now! To help you keep your business on track we created a powerful, packaged ARIS solution that includes our best practices, standard reports, easy modeling and communication tools.

It’s free. No training needed. No set-up required. You can start right now.

Use ARIS to rethink and remodel your processes, resources and assets to cope with the new reality.

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  • based on reference standards
    Immediate execution
  • into the critical business functions
    Deep insights
  • of all affected employees
    Total empowerment

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Getting ARIS is like hiring the world’s best player to join your team.
ARIS makes governance, staff training, internal communication and your job easier.

Özgür Aksoy Department Head, Business Process Management l Fibabanka A.Ş