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Many organizations aim to become a digital business. But what does that actually mean? The first step on your journey in becoming a digital business should be to identify how digital you want to be and then you have to take on that journey and adopt the way you manage your business and your IT. If you are an SAP shop, this journey has a specific flavor.

Become an SAP-based digital business with Process-Driven Management for SAP Solutions.
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„Please note – No matter what your IT architecture is, Process-Driven Management for SAP Solutions is available on premise, in the cloud and for hybrid scenarios.“


Strategy &
SAP project planning

Starting your process-driven journey to an SAP-based digital business requires some preparation. Usually SAP projects take a lot of time, effort and the coordination of many different stakeholders. That’s why you’ll need to set your strategy from the project’s start.

Re-use of reference content, SAP redocumentation and central SAP project administration in ARIS make this step easier.



On your process-driven journey to an SAP-based digital business, the blueprint phase is one of the most significant. Make sure that your SAP solution will work as your business requires. Design SAP-based digital processes and use the intelligent integration between ARIS & SAP Solution Manager.

ARIS connects to SAP Solution Manager, SAP Business Intelligence and SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management.

Testing SAP processes

Testing is an important milestone for a successful go-live and fully working SAP-based digital business. Your processes ARE your business so it’s important to make sure they are working exactly the way they should.

ARIS Test Designer helps define integration scenarios and real business processes based on the process models previously documented in ARIS and thus is the key to your success.


Communicating and
training on SAP processes

Spreading the word and delivering the right training for your new SAP solution is another big challenge. A process-driven approach will help you assure the whole company understands the new SAP-based processes and end-users understand their work in this new environment. Using ARIS, you can make digital role-based documentation available globally to everyone for review, communication and training.

Change management and
continuous process improvement

As change happens faster and process innovation becomes your daily business, you’ll need to pay a lot of attention to change management and process improvement topics.

Process collaboration, governance and analysis are key at every project stage.


Template and
roll-out projects

As business is global, global SAP templates and roll-out projects are common practices in today’s SAP-based businesses.

ARIS Cloud offers the necessary central communication platform to enable collaboration of central and remote project teams. It makes sure that the global process template designed in ARIS is synchronized with SAP Solution Manager.

Best practices from successful
SAP based digital businesses

“I really believe in BPM methodology. Processes are the main pillar a company should stand on and, within the SAP roll out, ARIS was our asset for process knowledge from blueprint to go-live. It is our main bridge between business and IT.”

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